Vol 4 №3 2019

Current Issue: Vol. 4 № 3 2019


Food Technologies

Ekaterina V. Pastushkova, Olga V. Chugunova, Sergey L. Tikhonov
Quantitative Yield Research of Plant Raw Materials Biologically Active Substances Processed by High Pressure Processing (HPR)

Yuliya I. Bogomazova, Natalia V. Zavorokhina
Lactones Effect for the Harmonious Flavor Formation of Whey Drinks of Gerontological Focus

Anna V. Diachkova, Natalya V. Tikhonova
Preservation of Freshness and Shelf Life Extension of Perishable Products (Meat and Fish) in Vacuum Packaging by Experimental Hydrostat

Viktor F. Dobrovolsky, Lyudmila P. Pavlova, Marina I. Lyndina
Cosmonaut Diet Composition Adjusting According to the comments and suggestions of the crews with the new products development and introduction

Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment

Vladimir A. Lazarev, Elena G. Miroshnikova
Membrane Installation Development for Post-Treatment and Сonditioning of Drinking Tap Water according to the World Health Organization Standard

Food Chemistry and Hygiene

Yuliya S. Fedorova, Arseniy E. Yuzhalin, Andrey S. Sukhih, Tatyana V. Kotova, Yuliya V. Zakharova
Extract of the Herb Hedysarum alpinum L. as a component of functional Food Products with Cardioprotective Properties

Marat I. Kalimullin, Sai-Suu S. Sadi, Aleksandr N. Avstriyevskikh, Valeriy M. Poznyakovskiy
Specialized Food Product for Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders Correction

Maya P. Razgonova, Tatiana K. Kalenik, Aleksander M. Zakharenko, Giancarlo Cravotto, Kirill S. Golokhvast
Comparative Mass Spectrometric Study of Biologically Active Substances in the Roots of Far Eastern Panax Ginseng C.A. Meyer Obtained by Supercritical Extraction

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