The scientific paper volume is 12 000 in the A4 sheet of paper with 2 cm borders.

The text is to be typed in 1.5 space, font size – 14, font –Times New Roman.

All pages should be numbered.

The text should be written in *.doc or *.rtf format.

All tables should be named and all images should have picture captures.

Equations, figures, and tables are numbered in the order of their appearance in the text.

Requirements to the bibliography

References are listed in alphabetical order: references in Russian come first, followed by references in foreign languages in the order of the Roman alphabet. References in the text are made in square brackets in line with list of references with the indicates page (for printed sources).

The list of references must consist of not less than 10 sources; most of them should be literary sources (monographs, scientific papers from peer-reviewed periodicals). Legal documents, statistical publications are not included into the list of references, if necessary they are mentioned in the text or in footnotes. The rotation of the same data in the text, tables and graphs is not allowed. According to the Editorial board decision all articles are scrutinized on the plagiarism volume. The high level of the incorrect adoptions is the basis for rejecting the scientific paper.

Self-citations should not exceed 10%.