The scientific-manufacturing journal “Food Industry” (the manager) was founded in 2016 on the base of the Ural State University of Economics as a scientific peer-reviewed edition devoted to the urgent issues and development prospects of the food industry.

The journal is issued quarterly (four times a year). The scientific-manufacturing journal “Food Industry” is indexed by the Russian Science Citation Index.

Articles submitted to the journal “Food Industry” can be published in the Russian and English languages in the following sections:

• Scientific Basis of the Merchandize and Food Technology


• Food Technology


• Quality and Security


• Food Chemistry and Hygiene


• Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment


• Legal and Economic Aspects


• Market Research

Editors have a right to reject submitted materials if:

–        they have already been published in other titles;

–        materials are not relevant to the remit of the journal;

–        articles do not provide any new information or are irrelevant to the scientific activity;

–        content of materials is incorrect.

Registration certificate of the mass medium

PI № FS  77-66489 of July 14, 2016

Publishing house of the Ural State University of Economics

620144, Russia, Yekaterinburg, 8 Marta/Narodnoy Voli St., 62/45