Current Issue: Vol. 4 № 4 2019


Food Technologies

Anastasiia A. Dril, Larisa A. Mayurnikova
Advantages of Thickener Composite Mixtures Application in Paste-Like Semi-Finished Product from Oyster Mushroom

Olesya S. Iakubova, Adelya A. Bekesheva
Technology and Formation Improvement of Consumer Properties of Cold Appetizers from a Silver Carp in the Roll Form

Nadezhda V. Kenijz, Anton A. Nesterenko, Maya S. Zayats
Cryoprotectants in the Technology for the Production of Frozen Bakery Products

Svetlana N. Maksimova, Denis V. Poleschuk, Elena V. Surovtseva, Kseniya K. Vereshchagina, Alexei V. Milovanov
King Crab Wastes Potential as the Technological Valuable Raw Materials

Evgeny D. Rozhnov
Approaches to the Formulations Development of Carotenoid-Containing Soft Drinks

Olga V. Feofilaktova, Olga N. Stoyanova, Konstantin Ya. Motovilov
Use of the Ural Region Plant Raw Materials in the Public Catering Enterprises Production

Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment

Yury A. Maksimenko, Thi S. Nguyen, Zarema M. Arabova, Igor Yu. Aleksanian, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov
Thermophysical, Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Jackfruit Slices

Quality and Safety

Olga Yu. Tikhonova, Tatyana V. Kotova, Ekaterina K. Kotova
Competitiveness Assessment of Tonic Drinks Labeling

Review Articles

Viktor F. Dobrovolsky
Recommendations Development for the Food Use while Forming 16-Day Menu Food Ration for Astronauts

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