Specialized Food Product for Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders Correction


Marat I. Kalimullin, Sai-Suu S. Sadi, Aleksandr N. Avstriyevskikh, Valeriy M. Poznyakovskiy


The article concerns the formulation and production technology development of a specialized product in the form of a biologically active additives (BAA) for the correction of metabolic disorders in the diabetes mellitus (DM). The authors determined regulated indicators of food value in one pill, not less than: vitamin C – 8.6 mg; chrome – 0.01 mg; zinc – 2.3 mg; flavonoids – 10 mg; tannins – 20 mg; manganese – 0.8 mg. The results of microbiological and toxicological tests indicate the sanitary and hygienic safety of biologically active additives after 39 months of storage, which allowed to establish the implementation period of 3 years with an “assurance coefficient” of 3 months at room temperature in a dry place protected from light. The researches confirmed the functional focus of the developed product by the results of clinical studies by inclusion in the diet of patients with diabetes mellitus. The main research group consists of 44 patients. They received dietary food (table 9), 2 pills of the BAA 2 times a day combined with 2 pills of the antidiabetic drug “Maninil-5” 2 times a day during meals for a month. The control group involved 44 patients receiving a similar diet and antidiabetic therapy without BAA. There was a significant decrease in BMI in the main group from 35.1 ± 1.5 to 30.3 ± 1.5 kg/m2; systolic and diastolic blood pressure was from 135 ± 2.6 to 121 ± 2.8 mm Hg in the main group and from 83.7 ± ± 1.4 to 75 ± 1,6 mm Hg in the control group. Similar changes were in the case of glucose in venous blood - from 10.3 ± 0.36 to 8.0 ± 0.28 mol/L, in capillary blood-from 8.4 ± 0.5 to 6.3 ± ± 0.4 mol/L. There is a significant decrease in basal and food glycemia in 40 minutes after lunch: 9,9 ± 0,6 – 7,4 ± 0,8 mol/L. The obtained data allowed to recommend BAA for the prevention and complex treatment of diabetes. The specialized product is approved at the enterprises of Scientific and Production Association “Art Life” (Tomsk, Russia).


specialized product; regulated indicators of quality; security; functional property; efficiency; industrial testing

For citation: specialized product; Marat I. Kalimullin, Sai-Suu S. Sadi, Aleksandr N. Avstriyevskikh, Valeriy M. Poznyakovskiy. Specialized Food Product for Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorders Correction. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 3. Pp. 58–64. DOI 10.29141/2500- 1922-2019-4-3-7