Dry Baking Yeast Use in the Fermented Grain Drinks Production


Yulia Yu. Miller, Valentina A. Pomozova, Tatyana F. Kiseleva


Fermented drinks production is a promising sector of the food industry. Therefore, the new technological solutions development aimed at product quality improvement and production optimization is always relevant. To optimize the fermentation stage and production in general, a man has to identify new resources – new yeast strains. The research aimed at studying the possibility of dry baking yeast “Saf-instant”, “Saf-levur”, “Nevada” and “Angel” use in the fermented grain drinks technology. The developed technology feature was wheat and oat malt use along with traditional barley and rye fermented malt. The authors introduced two formulations of drinks for production with the following composition: the first sample consists of barley malt 45 %, wheat malt 25 %, rye fermented malt 30 %; the second one – barley malt 45 %, oat malt 25 %, rye fermented malt 30 %. The authors optimized the grain wort preparation mode for each formulation with grinding stage adjustment according to temperature and pauses duration. Experimentally, a man established the recommended yeast administration rate at the fermentation stage – 20 million cells/cm3 of wort, optimal temperature (28–30 °C) and stage duration (17–18 hours). As a result, the yeast “Nevada” and “Angel” had the greatest fermentation activity. During fermentation, in drinks, in addition to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide, there were higher alcohols (isobutyl, propyl, isoamyl), esters (methyl acetate, isoamyl acetate), and organic acids (succinic, malic, citric, lactic, oxalic, formic, acetic). The organic acids presence enables to improve the beverages quality by its nutritional value increase. The resulting fermented grain drinks meet the standardized requirements for similar beverages fully in terms of quality. The developed technology using new yeast strains can be recommended for introduction into production.


fermented grain drinks; fret drinks; dry baking yeast; wort fermentation

For citation:

Yulia Yu. Miller, Valentina A. Pomozova, Tatyana F. Kiseleva. Dry Baking Yeast Use in the Fermented Grain Drinks Production. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2024. Vol. 9, No. 1. Pp. 73–81. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2024-9-1-8. EDN: WIQNEJ.

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