Keywords express the principal semantic content of a scientific paper, guide a reader and are used for paper search in electronic bases that is why they should mirror the discipline (field of research), theme, aim and object of research.

An author may use single words as well as word combinations in nominative singular form. Recommended number of keywords is 5–8 words in English and Russian, the number of words in word combination must not exceed three. The main rules for choosing keywords are the following:

–        apply basic terms in combination with more complex terms (international trade in tourist services, international trade, tourist service);

–        do not use too complicated words (word combinations that are made up of more than three words can be divided into separate keywords (factors and indicators of competitiveness – factor of competitiveness, indicator of competitiveness)) and word combinations with commas (factors, determining the quality – factor of quality, quality determination);

–        remember that every keyword is an independent element. Keywords should have their own meaning (“human capital, human capital assessment” instead of “human capital, its assessment”).