Editorial policy

The main purpose of the journal “Food Industry” is to give to the broad scientific community strata the opportunity to exchange the information (internationally as well) about the scientific research results in the field of the food science theory and practice, to discuss practical issues of the science achievement implementation in the Russian industrial and agricultural sector, food security provision of the country.

The journal pursues the following strategic objectives:

- A comprehensive and integrated analysis of the international and domestic experience of the food industry and science development;

- Development of the international cooperation in order to ensure reference between functional foods and international standards or the application regulations and to use the results;

- Young scientists facilitation in their scientific and practical work, provision the possibility of a broad discussion of the results of their research.

- Formation of the optimal conditions for journal authors interaction and communication in order to run the scientific debates and the joint research events;

- Creation of an effective instrument in the form of periodic scientific and analytical publication aimed at the knowledge increase.