Submitted Materials

All materials are sent by e-mail to the Editorial office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

An application for publication consists of the following files:


1. A file entitled with the surnames of authors in Russian and containing in the following order:

1) Code of the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);

2) information about authors in Russian*;

3) keywords in Russian (5–8 words);

4) abstract in Russian (200–250 words) according to National State Standard of Russian Federation 7.9-95 (ISO 214-76);

5) title of the scientific paper in Russian;

6) text of the paper;

7) bibliography in Russian.


2. A file entitled with the surnames of authors in English and containing in the following order:

1) English translation of the information about authors;

2) English translation of the paper title;

3) English translation of the keywords;

4) English translation of the abstract;

5) latinization of the bibliography;


The documents below are sent after the article is accepted for publication after peer review, which will be indicated in the email to the authors.


3. Application to the agreement on the transfer of the right to use a scientific work free of charge - only from the corresponding author.

Information about an author should include: surname, name, patronymic of an author; academic degree; academic title; job title; affiliation; postal address of the affiliation; contact phone number (with area code); e-mail, ORCID. The affiliation address should be given as follows: postal code, country, city, street, building. The whole indicated information is to be published.

All materials are checked for the amount of adoptions. The high level of incorrect adoptions is the basis for the rejection of the article, as reported to the author by e-mail.