Methodological Approach to the Bioactive Emulsion Food Systems Development


Olga V. Feofilaktova


The macro- and micronutrients deficiency in the diet of the population contributes to the alimentary disorder occurrence requiring correction. The development of new foods enriched with BAS, enabled a targeted impact on the functional activity of individual organs, systems and the body as a whole, solves the issue. Fortification (amplification, enrichment) of food systems ensures the nutrient delivery to all population groups without radical changes in the food consumption structure. To induce the BAS permeability, increase its stability, mask undesirable flavors, control the rate of release and targeted delivery, a man uses various effective BAS encapsulation systems including emulsions. Based on the “food systems” and “emulsion food systems” concepts, the author defines the concept of “bioactive emulsion food systems”. The study aimed at methodology formation for the development of bioactive emulsion food systems of optimized composition. On the basis of a system of basic principles and research methods, a set of applied methods united by a common goal and study direction, a man formulated the development methodology for bioactive emulsion food systems of optimized composition; determined its content and structure.


emulsion food systems; fortification; methodology; optimized composition

For citation:

Olga V. Feofilaktova. Methodological Approach to the Bioactive Emulsion Food Systems Development. Индустрия питания| Food Industry. 2024. Vol. 9, No. 1. Pp. 35–40. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2024-9-1-4. EDN: HQNRJJ.

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