Properties Stability Forecast of Pickering Emulsion Structured by Bioactive Plant Particles


Irina Yu. Potoroko, Irina V. Kalinina, Anastasia V. Paimulina


The new generation design and production of food systems with the declared physicochemical and bioactive properties is impossible without the use of science-grounded approaches based on a complex combination of experimental studies and quantum calculation algorithms. One of the promising food systems, actively studied by the scientists around the world, are the Pickering emulsions. Pickering emulsions act as an emulsion food products basis and a fortifying complex that can be an effective system for delivering biologically active substances to the human body. The study aimed at obtaining predictive solutions to achieve the properties stability of the Pickering emulsions stabilized by plant sonochemically structured bioactive particles. As a result of applying quantum chemical calculations using the online resource and visualization programs, the authors obtained a stable molecular interaction complex between a lipophilic biologically active substance and linseed oil triglyceride, confirming the possibility of such composite development. As a procedure result for fucoidan biologically active substance depolymerization using ultrasonic low-frequency exposure, there was a reduction in the fucoidan particles size by 20-40 times. This led to an increase in its stabilizing properties in the Pickering emulsion based on linseed oil. The scanning electron microscopy results enabled to reveal that the biologically active stabilizer concentration of the Pickering emulsion occurred at the phase boundary predominantly. The resulting Pickering emulsions can act as the basis of emulsion food products enriched with the valuable fatty acid composition of linseed oil and biologically active substances used to stabilize the emulsion.


Pickering emulsions; fucoidan; depolymerization; ultrasonic treatment; quantum chemical calculations

For citation:

Irina Yu. Potoroko, Irina V. Kalinina, Anastasia V. Paimulina. Properties Stability Forecast of Pickering Emulsion Structured by Bioactive Plant Particles. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2022. Vol. 7, No. 4. Pp. 111–119. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2022-7-4-13. EDN: VBLYWB.

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