Culinary Recipes Development from Camel Meat Treated with the Enzyme Preparation Protosubtilin


Natalia P. Sablina, Natalia V. Dolganova


Most recently, non-traditional sources of animal protein, including camel meat, are of increasing interest. Due to the coarse-grained fibrous structure of the camel muscle tissue, ready-made dishes from this meat raw material have a hard consistency. In this regard, the study aim is to develop a rational regimen for softening Kalmyk Bactrian camel breed meat using the enzyme preparation protosubtilin G20x, to develop culinary dishes from meat raw materials pre-treated with this preparation, and also to compare with the study results of the protosubtilin G3x impact on softening meat raw materials. In terms of organoleptic quality indicators, camel meat complies with the GOST 7269-2015 and has the following content of the main nutrients: proteins – 21.6 %; fats – 7.2 %; minerals – 0.97 %. The moisture mass fraction is 76.7 %; energy value accounts for 151 kcal/100 g; moisture-binding capacity ranges from 73.3 to 80.7 %. By the microstructure, the camel muscle tissue is the same as in most butcher beast species, but the muscle fibers diameter ranges from 10 to 250 microns, indicating a coarse-grained fibrous structure. Moreover, there is a large amount of connective tissue in different cuts. Therefore, meat raw materials will remain tough after standard heat treatment. According to the listed indicators, a man can identify camel meat as a dietary full-fledged meat raw material. Still due to the meat hardness, pre-treatment is necessary to soften it. The optimal processing mode of meat raw materials treatment with an enzyme preparation protosubtilin G20x is the following: the aqueous solution concentration – 0.05 %; medium temperature – 40 °С; duration – 1 hour. The finished culinary dish from pre-processed raw materials received the highest score – 5 points. A comparative analysis of the protosubtilin G3x and G20x impact on the meat raw materials structure demonstrated that the preparation G20x was optimal for processing Kalmyk Bactrian camel breed meat, since at a lower concentration it enabled to increase the moisture-binding capacity of raw materials and finished dish yield.


Kalmyk Bactrian; enzyme preparation; protosubtilin; camel meat; organoleptic evaluation

For citation:

Natalia P. Sablina, Natalia V. Dolganova. Culinary Recipes Development from Camel Meat Treated with the Enzyme Preparation Protosubtilin. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2022. Vol. 7, No. 4. Pp. 67–73. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2022-7-4-8. EDN: NLAORR.

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