Thermophysical, Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Jackfruit Slices


Yury A. Maksimenko, Thi S. Nguyen, Zarema M. Arabova, Igor Yu. Aleksanian, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov


Tropical fruit jackfruit is becoming increasingly popular in the world and in Russia. In the Russian and European food markets jackfruit is mostly present as dried fruit. For the rational choice of the technological equipment and energy calculations of drying units the authors determined and presented empirically structural, mechanical and thermophysical properties of jackfruit in a graphical and mathematical interpretation depending on the influencing factors, but not only its characteristics such as moisture content, cell structure, the vapor-gas medium presence filling the pore space during dehydration, which determined the method and regime parameters of moisture removal. The experiment aim was to study, systematize and generalize the structural, mechanical and thermophysical characteristics of the research object for further scientific kinetics and dynamics analysis of heat and mass transfer processing procedure, its mathematical modeling and solving rationalization problems of the drying process. The researchers used the complex thermophysical characteristics determination method of a viscous liquid, pasty and particulate materials based on heart and inertia properties of the thermocouple to calculate the thermal conductivity coefficient λ, indicators of thermal diffusivity α and specific heat capacity cM of the experimental material during its heat treatment. The article presents the following: the graphic interpretation in the temperature range of 273÷363 K and humidity from 0.2 to 0.73 kg/kg depended on the true jackfruit slices density ρi (in this case, the jackfruit mass density is reliant on the chemical composition and mainly on moisture content and dry matter); the approximated interpretation of the specific heat capacity dependence of jackfruit slices; the conductivity graph of the sample slices; and other materials. The research results are experimentally and analytically determined thermophysical characteristics and physical density of jackfruit slices in the given ranges of humidity and coolant parameters, on which the choice of a rational method and drying mode of the material depends.


jackfruit; thermophysical, structural and mechanical characteristics; heat exchange; mass transfer; drying

For citation: Yury A. Maksimenko, Thi S. Nguyen, Zarema M. Arabova, Igor Yu. Aleksanian, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov. Thermophysical, Structural and Mechanical Characteristics of Jackfruit Slices. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2018. Т. 4, № 4. Pp. 53–63. DOI 10.29141/2500- 1922-2019-4-4-7