Spelt Grain Use in the Technology of Grain Bread of Increased Nutritional Value


Evgeniya V. Khmeleva


The range diversification of new generation products with increased nutritional value has been an urgent problem of the bakery industry for many years. The research aim is to develop technological solutions for the spelt grain “Runo” use in the bread technology of increased nutritional value with high quality indicators. The thesis presents a comparative analysis of the chemical composition of spelt Triticum dicoccum (Schrank.) Schuebl grain of the “Runo” variety grown in the Oryol region and soft wheat grain. The authors revealed the high content of proteins (14.5 %) in the spelt, characterized by a balanced amino acid composition, dietary fiber (5.2 %), minerals (2.1 %). They run the technological potential evaluation of spelt grain according to the raw gluten content and quality and the drops number. There were a slight decrease in the amount of raw gluten (by 1.0 %) and deterioration of its elastic properties (transition to the “unsatisfactorily weak” group) at the stage of grain preparation (soaking process). A man developed technological solutions for the whole-grain bread production from spelt: suggested ascorbic acid solution (0.005 %) use to level out changes in the protein-proteinase complex of spelt grain during soaking; introduced soy lecithin in the aqueous fat emulsion form into the bread formulation to improve the grain bread quality and preserve products freshness for a longer time. The researchers determined rational dosages of lecithin (0.5–1 % by grain weight), which introduction contributed to an increase in the grain bread porosity by 6 % and the specific volume by 5 % compared with the control.


grain bread, spelt; wheat; quality; increased nutritional value; shelf life

For citation:

Evgeniya V. Khmeleva. Spelt Grain Use in the Technology of Grain Bread of Increased Nutritional Value. Индустрия питания|- Food Industry. 2023. Vol. 8, No. 1. Pp. 64–73. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2023-8-1-7. EDN: KCGGFW.

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