Enzyme Composition Modeling and Its Application in the Baking Cryotechnology


Svetlana V. Kitaevskaya


Cryotechnologies are widely used in the production of bakery products, including dough. The study aim is to optimize the enzyme composition and evaluate its application effectiveness in the technology of rye-wheat bread based on frozen dough. To solve nonlinear problems and the fractional factor experiment method a man applied algorithms of the generalized reduced gradient method. As a result of data analysis using MS Office Excel, the maximum possible concentrations of the enzyme complex components are, wt. %: “Pentopan 500 BG” – 12.0, “Novamil 1500 MG” – 5.0 and “Neutrase 1.5 MG” – 2.0; the optimal ratio is 6:2.5:1. The authors run the recipe optimization of rye-wheat bread based on frozen dough using Statgraphics 18.1 and constructing mathematical models based on multifactorial analysis. The variables were the dosages of the enzyme composition 4–10 % by weight of flour and dry starter culture of lactic acid bacteria 0.05–0.15 % by weight of flour; the required functions were porosity and specific volume of rye-wheat bread. As the mathematical data processing result, a man received regression dependence equations of rye-wheat bread porosity and specific volume on the components concentrations; optimal dry starter concentrations and enzyme composition – 0.12 and 7.5 % by weight of flour, respectively. The thesis provides physicochemical, organoleptic and structural-mechanical characteristics of rye-wheat bread developed on the cryotechnology basis after long-term low-temperature storage of test dough at a temperature of minus 18–20 ° C for 150 days, confirming the enzyme composition effectiveness.


enzyme; enzyme composition; frozen dough; cryotechnology; quality; bakery products

For citation:

Svetlana V. Kitaevskaya. Enzyme Composition Modeling and Its Application in the Baking Cryotechnology. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2023. Vol. 8, No. 1. Pp. 5–13. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2023-8-1-1. EDN: ZEBIXY.

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