Current issue: Food Industry № 2 (3)


Scientific Basis of the Merchandize and Food Technology

Panfilov V.A.
Development Paradigm of the Agribusiness Technologies

Avtuhova O.V., Pasko O.V.
Nutrition Value Examination and Analysis of the Dairy and Malt Product with Probiotic Characteristics

Food Technology

Malygina V.D., Antoshina K.A./
Using Natural Herbal Ingredients to Adjust Dairy Products Mineral Composition

Zavorokhina N.V., Solovyova M.P.
Modern Approaches to the Recipe and Technology Modeling of the National Russian Drinks

Quality and Safety

Trukhachev V.I., Molochnikov V.V., Orlova T.A., Khramtsov A.G.
Expectation Model of Biomembrane Technology of the New Generation Dairy Products in the Market Economy and WTO Membership Reality

Trikhina V.V., Surkov I.V., Motovilov K.Ya.
Efficiency Development and Evaluation of the Integrated Management System while Specialized Products Manufacturing

Leiberova N.V.
Development and Application of the Score Scale for the Assessment of Quality of Pastille Products

<spanПРОМЫШЛЕННОСТИ of the Food Industry

Chugunova O.V., Pastushkova E.V., Vyatkin A.V.
Practical Aspects of the Fruit Raw Material Usage while Developing Products Aimed at Oxidative Stress Decrease

Tikhonov S.L., Timakova R.T., Muratov A.A.

Majurnikova L.A., Urzhumova A.I., Klishina M.N.
Application of the Functional and Cost Analysis Method on the Development Stage of the Bakery Products

Dvoryadkina E.B., Bortsova E.L.
Aggregated Approaches to the Foodstuff Quality Security Od on the Development Stage of the Bakery Products


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