Multicomponent Culinary Products Development for Cybersportsmen


Zhanna V. Novikova, Anton A. Maksimkin, Sophie M. Sergeeva, Evgeny V. Mukhanov


Currently, eSports becomes particularly popular among young people. Computer sport induces significant loads on the human body, especially on the physiological and psychoemotional state. Tournament participants are to have a high degree of concentration and the ability to stay at a personal computer for a long time. These factors determine the need for increased energy consumption to maintain the body in a state of high activity. A man developed food products based on fundamental scientific achievements in the field of sports nutrition for athletes using special food technology. The high biological value of food products for eSports athletes makes them unique for maintaining active life in non-standard conditions and under increased loads during the preparation and conduct of competitions. To solve this problem, the authors performed mathematical modeling of the multicomponent culinary product recipe by the simplex method and automatization tools using the MS Excel software package. They chose the balance of essential amino acids as the optimization parameter. As a result of mathematical modeling, the researchers obtained eight ratios variants of the modified ingredients that meet the specified conditions. The replacement of bread wheat by the canihua is to improve the amino acids balance in proteins in the combined products. Organoleptic assessment of the culinary dish «Fish balls (steamed)», prepared according to the classic and developed recipes, allowed to conclude: the introduction of more than 34.0 % of canihua grain into the recipe has a negative impact on the product taste. The recipe optimization of a culinary product using canihua grain approved samples determination of multicomponent culinary products that corresponded to the selected parameters of the target function.


fish and plant culinary product; fish and plant mixture; meals for athletes; eSports; canihua

For citation: Zhanna V. Novikova, Anton A. Maksimkin, Sophie M. Sergeeva, Evgeny V. Mukhanov. Multicomponent Culinary Products Development for Cybersportsmen. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2020. Т. 5, No. 3. Pp. 52–60. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2020-5-3-6