Prebiotic «Lactulose Premium» as a Promising Functional Additive in Minced Fish


Natalya V. Yartseva, Natalia V. Dolganova, Igor Yu. Aleksanian, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov


The diet balancing includes various approaches, including a way to expand the culinary products range from minced fish raw materials. To a certain extent, the indispensability and specific value of fish and other aquatic organisms, especially in children’s diets, lies in their therapeutic, prophylactic and dietary orientation, which is caused, first of all, by the balance of their chemical composition (complete protein complexes). Today, fish farms of our country grow carp, crucian, grass carp, white and spotted silver carp, garfish, pike perch, European, African and canal catfish and other types of freshwater fish. Many farms obtain modern workshops for the manufacture of semi-finished fish products: fish fillet, minced meat and other products after shock freezing in vacuum packaging. Considering the protein complexes lack in food and excessive consumption of animal lipids, scientists design recipes of frozen fish-growing composition with functional properties based on fish and vegetable raw materials. This product (for example, in the form of minced meat) becomes in demand at present due to the nutritional value, taste, physiological influence and low cost. All of the above leads to the advisability of obtaining minced fish with the addition of functional powder ingredients, for example, the “Lactulose Premium” prebiotic powder mixture, which includes a valuable component that is not present in fish raw materials, which makes fish products a functional ground minced meat product while maintaining consumer properties of this type of product. Thus, the technologies development for the production of functional minced fish semi-finished product with prebiotic properties and fish culinary dishes based on them is a relevant and promising direction of the food industry development.


prebiotic products; minced fish; pond carp; fingerling garfish; functional additives; organoleptic evaluation

For citation: Natalya V. Yartseva, Natalia V. Dolganova, Igor Yu. Aleksanian, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov. Prebiotic “Lactulose Premium” as a Promising Functional Additive in Minced Fish. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2020. Т. 5, No. 3. Pp. 25–34. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922- 2020-5-3-3