Optimization of Technological Modes of Extraction of Tea Raw Material Used in Emulsion Beverages Technology


Regina K. Shchekaleva, Elena I. Cherevach, Marina V. Palagina, Elena Yu. Tarashkevich



The article observes the technological modes optimization of tea raw materials extraction (black tea and hibiscus tea beverage) used in the technology of emulsion drinks as natural food additives (dyes, flavorings, surfactants) and sources of valuable biologically active substances. The researchers studied the mass fraction dependence of soluble solids and vitamin C in tea extracts on the determining factors (hydromodule, duration and temperature) that affect the extraction kinetics of the biologically active substances using mathematical modeling. Based on the experiment results processing, a man obtained second-degree polynomial equations that adequately described the mathematical dependence of the mass fraction of soluble dry extract substances on the hydromodule and the extraction time. The researchers experimentally determined the optimal extraction parameters: time – 15 and 20 minutes; temperature – 70 and 60 °C for black tea and hibiscus drink, respectively; hydromodule – 1:5. The mass fraction of the functional ingredient (vitamin C) under the specified modes was from 84.6 to 189.2 mg/%. The researchers run the commodity quality evaluation of tea extracts obtained according to the developed parameters. On organoleptic and safety indicators tea extracts met the requirements of the current normative documentation.


emulsion beverages; tea raw materials; mathematical models; extraction modes; technology; biologically active substances

For citation: Regina K. Shchekaleva, Elena I. Cherevach, Marina V. Palagina, Elena Yu. Tarashkevich. Optimization of Technological Modes of Extraction of Tea Raw Material Used in Emulsion Beverages Technology. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2020. Vol. 5, No. 2. Pp. 79–87. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2020-5-2-10