Mutual Influence Study of Food Acids and Polysaccharides of Different Nature on the Sensory Perception of Low-Calorie Sweet Dishes


Ekaterina Yu. Minnikhanova, Nataliya V. Zavorokhina, Anna A. Gilina


The inclusion of polysaccharide thickeners in the recipes of sweet dishes increases the functional reserves of the body, contributes to the preservation of health and the prevention of diseases. The purpose of the research is to study the sensory characteristics of polysaccharides of various nature when combined with food acids, to develop a recipe for a basic mixture of low-calorie meals for public catering. The authors analyzed citric, lactic and succinic acids in combinations with polysaccharides of various nature. Organoleptic tests were evaluated by a touch panel. The organization of the tasting analysis corresponded to GOST ISO 6658-2016; the consistency was determined according to GOST 31986-2012, GOST ISO 11036-2017, GOST ISO 8588-2011. The optimal organoleptic combinations of the presented food acids and complex additives of sweeteners (CDP) were identified, which included aspartame, sodium saccharinate, Sucralose, sweetness coefficient – 340: the mixture with citric acid had a long pleasant aftertaste without foreign tastes and the best taste characteristics. Using the “A-not A” method, we found that the sample with the addition of CDP is identical to the sucrose solution. In the second part of the study, polysaccharides were added to model samples of acids with complex sweeteners; the best sensory characteristics were obtained by model samples consisting of a mixture of low-esterified Apple pectin with lactic acid and KDP. The technology of obtaining a stable elastic jelly using low-esterified Apple pectin has been developed, since the complex mixture of sweeteners and food acids does not have a dehydrating effect. Developed a dry mix recipe that can serve as a basic development, low-calorie sweet products for catering and has a variance of use of lactic and succinic acids, depending on the flavor characteristics of the raw materials used and its corrective ability.


low-calorie sweet dishes; polysaccharides; gelling agents; food acids; sensory perception; organoleptic

For citation: Ekaterina Yu. Minnikhanova, Nataliya V. Zavorokhina, Anna A. Gilina. Mutual Influence Study of Food Acids and Polysaccharides of Different Nature on the Sensory Perception of Low-Calorie Sweet Dishes. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2020. Vol. 5, No. 2. Pp. 71–78. DOI: 10.29141/2500-1922-2020-5-2-9