Score Scales Development for the Quality Organoleptic Assessment of Cold Fish Appetizers


Olesya S. Iakubova, Adelya A. Bekesheva, Oksana A. Markitanova


One of the priority research vectors in the food industry is the development of fish culinary products with specified properties considering the modern require-ments of nutrition science, consumer taste preferences, traditions and national characteristics. In conditions of high competition, consumer evaluation of or-ganoleptic indicators plays a crucial role in the product promotion and sales. The authors conducted quality organoleptic research of cold appetizers made of carp muscle tissue in the form of a roll, and also considered a descriptive organoleptic analysis method used in the score scale development for evaluating the fish culi-nary products quality. The study used common and special methods. The re-searchers defined nomenclature of indicators, calculated the weight and gradation coefficients of the cold fish snacks quality depending on the number of points scored. The article concerns possibilities of tasting analysis in identifying the ana-log products strengths and weaknesses. The authors developed and tested five-point scale organoleptic evaluation of the quality of cold fish snacks in the roll form using both traditional and new structure forming agent – gelatin of animal and fish origin. There is a regular decrease in the score for identified nonconform-ities, and organoleptic quality indicators of new products. A man run quantita-tive quality assessment of the developed products and supplemented quantitative organoleptic properties determination of cold fish snacks by a sensory profile.


tasting analysis; score scale; cold fish appetizer; fish roll; descriptor-profile method; qualimetric method

For citation: Olesya S. Iakubova, Adelya A. Bekesheva, Oksana A. Markitanova. Score Scales Development for the Quality Organoleptic Assessment of Cold Fish Appetizers. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2020. Vol. 5, No. 1. Pp. 5–15.. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2020-5-1-1