Recommendations Development for the Food Use while Forming 16-Day Menu Food Ration for Astronauts


Viktor F. Dobrovolsky


Nutrition is extremely important in everyday life. And in extreme conditions, its role increases dramatically. Specific factors of a space flight have an adverse effect on the human body. One of the ways to prevent negative physiological changes is adequate nutrition to the needs of the body, ensuring the preservation of health and efficiency of astronauts performing unique scientific experiments and solving problems of national economic importance. A man developed a 16-day Russian ration because of the astronaut nutrition transition to rations from domestic products instead of the integrated 16-day Russian-American ration. Nowadays much attention is paid to the new products development and the food rations adjustment for the crews of the Russian ISS segment. Scientists are constantly developing new types of food and including it in the astronaut ration, considering existing Federal laws, regulations and state industry standards. They run an expert and hygienic expertise of the adjusted main part of the astronaut ration with the conclusion issuance on the food products compliance with the agreed norms of the "Decision on Admission" to supply products for a 16-day ration. The main part adjustment of the 16-day ration, which includes products of industrial production (the main part of the ration), became necessary in connection with the comments and suggestions made by the astronauts. Researchers developed recipes and production technologies of the new first lunch freeze-drying dishes of two-name titles. Therefore, they made some changes; developed new specifications, technical instructions and new recipes for sauces sublimation, as well as experimental sublimation products batches of three name earlier titles; carried preliminary and acceptance tests of its storage. There were preliminary and acceptance tests of 13 product items for astronauts.


medical and technical requirements; astronauts diet; sterilization; sublimation drying; security(HPP)

For citation: Viktor F. Dobrovolsky. Recommendations Development for the Food Use while Forming 16-Day Menu Food Ration for Astronauts. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 4. Pp. 77–85. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2019-4-4-9