Use of the Ural Region Plant Raw Materials in the Public Catering Enterprises Production


Olga V. Feofilaktova, Olga N. Stoyanova, Konstantin Ya. Motovilov


The article reveals the recipes and technologies development issues of berry sauces with lactulose for catering enterprises differing in functional orientation. Nowadays there is a need of sauces development using berries of the Ural region and lactulose due to the deficiency of many vitamins, minerals and other biologically active nutrients in the human diet, as well as the relevance to maintain the gastrointestinal tract microbiocenosis. The study was based on the assortment analysis results of berry sauces produced by public catering enterprises and the consumer preferences data. The results demonstrated that frozen and dried raw materials of foreign manufacturers were the main raw materials in the berry sauces production at the enterprises. This led to a decrease in nutritional value, organoleptic properties deterioration and an increase in the finished products cost. The researchers developed five recipes of sauces with using berries of the Ural region origin as the main raw material on the comparison basis of real, ideal and simulated consumer properties profiles of berry sauces according to the standard recipes including the main stages of the General concept of berry sauces production. They determined the optimal combinations and ratios of the introduced raw materials components considering the organoleptic quality indicators. The authors developed preparation technologies of new berry sauces types (defined stages of the components introduction and the main operations, and technological parameters); presented its description and technological scheme. A man tailored a point scale for evaluating organoleptic indicators of berry sauces quality to examine the quality of new berry sauces types; calculated nutritional value and mass fraction of dry substances in berry sauces. Obtained results indicate a high level of developed products quality. The researchers concluded that the sauces use of berries growing in the Ural region in the manufacture can reduce the berry sauces cost while increasing its nutritional value


berries; Ural region; sauces; public catering enterprises; formulation

For citation: Olga V. Feofilaktova, Olga N. Stoyanova, Konstantin Ya. Motovilov. Use of the Ural Region Plant Raw Materials in the Public Catering Enterprises Production. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 3. Pp. 44–52. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2019-4-4-6