Thermophysical Parameter Research of the Native Wheat Gluten at Various Temperatures


Ekaterina V. Fomenko, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov, Adelina A. Nugmanova


This article presents methods for determining the thermophysical characteristics (TPH) for food viscoelastic materials on the example of wheat gluten. The researchers analyzed characteristic features of each method and presented the results of its application. The study relevance is due to the fact that there is insufficient scientific data on the thermophysical characteristics of crude gluten, which are variables depending on temperature, chemical composition and grain quality properties. Due to the grain variety, its properties correspondence to the cultivation place, fertilizers application and other factors, raw gluten characteristics can vary significantly. The study results conducted by the authors are relevant to the available reference data on products having similar thermal and physical characteristics. This fact confirms the reason for the thermophysical characteristics variation in the freezing conditions of the research object – native wheat gluten - the phase water transition from one aggregate state to another during freezing. At the same time, the thermophysical characteristics complex of the dry product changes insignificantly during the freezing process. The authors assumed the possibility of determining the thermal diffusivity coefficient mathematically, according to the developed formula when finding regular regime rate for the body of known size and shape by the experimental method. The experimental device implementing this method consists of thermal and measuring parts. The thermal part is a heat-insulated vessel (thermos), in which the samples are placed. The measuring part consists of two parts – the diagram of power supply and voltage and current measurement in the heater, as well as the diagram of thermos EMF measure and registration by the measuring differential thermocouple. The curves of the specific heat dependence on the average temperature obtained with the help of experimental data indicate only the general nature of the dependence between them.


wheat gluten; thermal and physical characteristics;thermal diffusivity; specific heat capacity; heat conductivity

For citation: Ekaterina V. Fomenko, Albert H.-H. Nugmanov, Adelina A. Nugmanova. Thermophysical Parameter Research of the Native Wheat Gluten at Various Temperatures. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 2. P. 58–64. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2019-4-2-8