Bioproducts Technology and Recipe Development on the Grain Milk Basis


Larisa Yu. Lavrova


Food has an impact on all parties of human body activity. Continuously happening processes of assimilation and dissimilation are impossible without nutrients introduction from the outside. Especially great value gets person feeding during a disease. By means of right developed diet it is possible to postpone many diseases, and quite often in general to avoid it. Numerous experiments proved not only preventive action of a number of feedstuffs, but also its medical influence at a complex therapy. Medical nutrition provides not only nutritional care, but also restores the broken functions of human bodies and systems. Considering food correlation with human diseases, scientists classify several groups distinguishing diseases caused by the food intolerance. This group consists of such diseases and syndromes as digestive enzyme defect, food allergy, food pseudoallergy which does not have an immune development stage, psychogenic food intolerance, etc. The food intolerance is the painful reaction of some people to these or those feedstuffs in the product composition, caused by the specific features of an organism connected with a lack of necessary digestive enzymes, sensitivity to certain components of food, when present disease passes into an acute stage. Unlike allergic reactions, food intolerance symptoms reveal gradually. The alimentary system suffers firstly. However, other symptoms, for example a depression, fatigue, a regular headache, hypostases can arise. Most often the food intolerance proceeds on milk and dairy products, corn, rye, wheat, oats, chicken meat and egg, chocolate, coffee, sugar, yeast, alcohol, citrus, pork, preservatives and various food colorings. The only way to treat and prevent diseases caused by food intolerance is strict and lifelong observance of a lactose-free diet. Therefore, the balanced diet development and the product and dishes range expansion for such patients is the relevant and modern scientific direction. The author considered the bioproducts production possibility with full replacement of cow milk by a milk from almonds, cashew, coconut; developed technology and recipe; examined the regulated quality and safety indicators.


lactase deficiency; nut raw materials; vegetable bioproduct; quality indicators

For citation: Larisa Yu. Lavrova. Bioproducts Technology and Recipe Development on the Grain Milk Basis. Индустрия питания|Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 2. P. 43–50. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2019-4-2-6