Technological Property Research of the Alternative Flour Types while Food Producing in Catering in Catering


Olga V. Feofilaktova, Arkadiy S. Ponomarev


The article presents the material on the justification and development of dry culinary gluten-free mixtures for the pancakes production. The researchers used rice, soya, corn and amaranth flour, as well as skimmed milk and egg powder as the main raw materials. They analyzed the celiac disease prevalence among the population; revealed the necessity of expanding the range of specialized products without gluten for patients with celiac disease and studied the amino acid composition of gluten-free types of flour. Amino acid protein composition is one of the important indicators characterizing its nutritional value. Based on the amino acid composition analysis the authors demonstrated the viability of using two types of flour simultaneously in the dry mixture formulation for the production of gluten-free pancakes, as this will allow to balance the complementary protein composition. The researchers selected recipe composition of dry mixtures for the gluten-free pancakes production according to the organoleptic characteristics and considering the content of the main amino acids in the flour to ensure the functional properties of the product. Comparative evaluation showed that the best organoleptic indexes are in a rice and amaranth flour mixture, primarily due to the pleasant flavor, taste and aftertaste of amaranth flour. The authors developed basic production technology of dry gluten-free mixtures for pancakes with packaging it in cardboard boxes with an internal packet from combined polymer material, filling the internal package with nitrogen and hermetically sealing. The nitrogen protects the package contents from oxidation and melanoidin formation processes. The researchers revealed regulated nutritional value indicators of the developed product characterizing its functional properties


bakery products; gram and oat flour; structural and mechanical properties

For citation: Olga V. Feofilaktova, Arkadiy S. Ponomarev. Technological Property Research of the Alternative Flour Types while Food Producing in Catering in Catering. Индустрия питания/Food Industry. 2019. Vol. 4, No. 2. P. 28–34. DOI 10.29141/2500-1922-2019-4-2-4