Vol 3 №4 2018

Current Issue: Food industry Vol. 3 № 4 2018


Review Article

Andrey G. Khramtsov
Logistics of the Dairy Sector New Technological Structure Formation of the Food Industry of the Agroindustrial Sector in the Conditions of the Limited Traditional Raw Materials Resources

Food Technologies

Natalia V. Leiberova, Lyudmila A. Donskova
Camelina Oil Use in the Vegetable-Based Sauce Formulation

Natalia V. Zavorokhina
Approaches verification of formulation modeling of non-alcoholic syrups targeting the gerontology

Nataliia V. Nepovinnykh, Yuri A. Kodatsky, Oksana N. Klyukina, Nataliia M. Ptichkin, Samira Yeganehzad
Study of Structural, Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Marshmallow Without Gelatin

Elena A. Rubashanova, Valentina I. Bakaitis, Mariam K. Alimardanova, Valeriy M. Poznyakovskiy
Preventive Medical Drink with Pectin and Vitamins for Employees Working in Harmful Labor Conditions

Sergey L. Tikhonov, Natalya V. Tikhonova
Barrier Technologies in the Meat Products Production

Olesya S. Iakubova, Adelya A. Bekesheva
Regulated Indicators Verification of the Food Fish Gelatin Qualit

Food Chemistry and Hygiene

Dmitriy V. Graschenkov
Composition Math Modeling for Child Catering Service

Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment

Vladimir A. Lazarev1, Elena G. Miroshnikova1, Gennadiy B. Pischikov
Small-Size Equipment of Final Water Treatment with Partial Demineralization for Laboratory Needs

Albert H-H. Nugmanov, Olesya A. Aleksanyan, Miguel A. S. Barzola
Kinetic Principles of the Vegetable Raw Materials Hydrothermal Treatment

Quality and Safety

Jiaqing Wang, Irina Yu. Potoroko, Lina A. Tsirulnichenko
Immune Characterization of C-Type Lectin-Like Protein in Rainbow Trout

Scientific Basis of the Merchandize and Food Technology

Ekaterina V. Pastushkova, Olga V. Chugunova, Leonid S. Volkanin
Development of the Express Method for Determining the Oxidative Stress Level of the Population

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