Vol. 3 № 3 2018

Current Issue: Food industry Vol. 3 № 3 2018


Food Technology

Khramtsov A.G., Bratsikhin A.A., Kostenko K.,V., Leshchenko E.G
Research of Dry Milk Whey Dispersity Reconstructed by the Cavitational Disintegration Method

Romanova A.S., Tikhonova N.V., Tikhonov S.L
Usage of the Flake Ice from Electroactivated Water During Cooled Fish Storage

/ Simonenkova A.P., Soloviova A.O., Mamaev A.V., Samofalova L.A
Establishment of the Rational Technological Production Modes of Butter with a Natural Antioxidant Complex

Gorlov I.F., Slozhenkina M.I., Serova O.P., Kazarinskaya A.O.
Quality Research and Development of the Polycomponent Cottage Cheese Product

Shamova M.M., Kapljuchenko I.V., Avstrievskikh A.N.
Determination of the Regulated Technological Production Parameters of the Functional product as a Quality Characteristics Formation Factor

Food Chemistry and Hygiene

Wang S., Shi Y. , Zhang G., Meng Y., Zhang N., Madhujith T.
Optimization of extraction of flavonoids and triterpenoids from loquat leaves using response surface methodology

Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment

Nugmanov A.H.-H., Aleksanyan A.I.
Kinetics Study and Consistent Pattern Analysis of the Rod Production Process from the Fish Mince

Quality and Safety

Merkulova N.Yu., Zueva O.N., Tohiriyon B
The Composition and Quality Study of Sugar and Oatmeal Cookies Using Quinoa Seed Flour

Dunchenko N.I., Svinina A.A
Convenience Minced Meat Quality Management on the Basis of the Qualimetric Forecasting

Nitsievskaya K.N., Motovilov O.K
Study of the Products Microbial Attributes From the Quickbeam

Starovoytova Y.Yu., Shkolnikova M.N
About the Food Value Improvement of Bakery Products

Market Research

Nikolaeva M.A
Dairy Products Market: State and Development Prospects

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