Vol. 3 № 1 2018

Current Issue: Food industry Vol. 3 № 1 2018


Food Chemistry and Hygiene

Donskova L.A., Belyaev N.M., Leiberova N.V
Fatty-Acid Composition of Lipids as Functional Purpose Indicator of Poultry Meat Products from: Theoretical and Practical Aspects

Tabatorovich A.N/
Chemical Composition and Quality Study of Pumpkin Prepared Food for Confectionery Manufacture

Latkov N.Y
Study of Indicator Features Characterized the Nutritional Factors Influence on Athletes Metabolic Processes During Adaptation to Ultra-High Exertion

Food Technology

Vereshchagin A.L., Bychin N.V
Temperature Resistant Evaluation of the Baking Processed Goods

Anikina E.N., Pasko O.V
Dairy and Vegetable Base Engineering for Bioproduct with Oatmeal Manufacture

Pastushkova E.V., Khabarov S.N
Influence of the medical raw material processing with high pressure on the antioxidants exhaustion while water extraction

Quality and Safety

Krapiva T.V., Koksharov A.A., Majurnikova L.A.
Japanese Cuisine Quality Level Evaluation at the Food Industry Enterprises in Kemerovo

Mazhaeva T.V
People Purchasing Power Influence on the Nutrition Structure and Incidence Rate

Food Manufacture Processes and Equipment

Mutsaev R.V., Aleksanyan I.Yu., Poliсarpova N.E.
The Process Intensification of the Inulin Extraction from Vegetable Raw Materials

Market Research

Nikolaeva M.A., Kartashova L.V
Grain and Corn Flour Products Market: Conditions and Development Prospects

Pomozova V.A., Stepakova N.N., Koryakina N.A
Market Researches of Consumer Motivations and Preferences when Choosing Products Covered with Jelly Fillings

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